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General Questions:

Q. What is electroplating?
A. Patented in 1840, electroplating is a process by which a thin layer of gold, silver, chrome and other metals are deposited onto a conductive object. Utilizing an electrical current, positively charged metal ions travel through an electrolyte, and are deposited onto a negatively charged conductive object.

Q. What are the advantages of using you?
A. We are a professional experienced company dedicated to providing high quality and extremely durable electroplated finishes. All our work is guaranteed making us your easy choice for gold plating and all your electroplating requirements!

Q. How will I know if my item qualifies for your 48 hour or 7 day service?
A. We outline a timescale for the work to be completed and returned to you with every quotation.

Q. When you receive my item for electroplating will you charge me more than the original quotation?
A. We provide a fixed quotation for over 95% of all enquires we receive through our contact form. Unless we specifically state in our original quotation ‘Our quotation may be subject to change subject to visual inspection of the item.’ then no. We honour all our quotations and the price quoted is fixed and also includes return delivery, unless stated otherwise.

Q. Where in the UK are you based?
A. We are in Beverley, East Yorkshire.

Q. I am far away from you how can I use your services?
A. Mail or courier is best as 95% of our work comes this way. Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. It’s safe
  2. Very fast!
  3. Extremely secure!
  4. Insured standard amount. Additional insurance on request!
  5. It’s so EASY!

Q. How long does it take to have an item electroplated and returned to the customer?
A. Very quickly for most jewellery items and watches. We offer 48hour and 7day service. Items such as bathroom fittings in need of extensive restoration and refinishing could take anywhere from 2-3 weeks.

Q. Why are there no prices on your website?
A. It can be difficult to provide a quote without seeing the item(s) first. We are able to provide accurate estimates through our contact form where you can also attach pictures of your item.

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Postage & Payment Questions:

Q. I am in the UK how do you ship your items?
A. A. We use Royal Mail and couriers for all our UK customers. We generally return all work using the same/similar method as we receive it. All items are returned with Royal Mail/couriers standard insurance unless requested otherwise. We will not be held liable for any losses or damage caused by postal/courier services in any way whether inbound or outbound.

Q. I am in outside of the UK, how do you ship your items?
A. For all our worldwide customers we use Airsure.

Q. How can I pay you for your work?
A. We accept; credit/debit cards, cash, cheque or bank transfer/deposit.

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General Electroplating Questions:

Q. What can you electroplate?
A. Just about any type of metal or conductive surface including; gold, platinum, silver, titanium, stainless steel, mild steel, copper, bronze and even aluminium.

Q. I just want my jewellery cleaning not electroplated. Can you do this?
A. Yes, we offer a separate cleaning service listed under ‘Our Services’.

Q. I have a single ring with a few scratches on can you just polish it for me?
A. Yes, we offer a separate polishing service listed under ‘Our Services’.

Q. Will the electroplating process fill pits or surface scratches?
A. No. Quite often electroplating will make any surface imperfection in the metal item even more noticeable! For optimum results, all objects need to be polished and cleaned prior to plating. We provide this service if your item requires it and is normally included in your quotation.

Q. Can you electroplate previously plated items?
A. Yes. We would remove all the old plating first; we would then polish and clean prior to replating.

Q. My jewellery has gemstones in can it still be plated?
A. Yes. Our plating bath temperatures and chemicals are safe on gems and stones such as diamonds, sapphire, emeralds etc. We specialize in hard to plate items and can work with you on the most suitable solution for your item.

Q. Do I need to have the movement removed from my watch before it can be plated?
A. We often gold plate watches without removing the movement or other workings. However, we do recommend you have the movement removed prior to sending to us as we cannot accept responsibility for waterproof watches that turn out to be ‘NOT’ waterproof. We can work with you on the most suitable solution.

Q. How about enamelled objects such as rings and cufflinks?
A. Yes. With proper care and handling enamelled items present no problem.

Q. I have items with decorative matte, textured and photo-etched surfaces?
A. We can plate over just about any type of finish so long as the surface is oil and contaminant free.

Q. I’ve bought some new chrome taps for my bathroom can I send them to you for gold plating before I fit them?
A. Yes, 95% of our business is mail related.

Q. Does the electroplating last?
A. We work to a very high standard and electroplate for durability so all our electroplating is long lasting. Our electroplating solutions are the best available in the UK.

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