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Rings & Earrings

It is becoming ever more popular for our customers to request that we electroplate their rings and earrings. This ‘jewellery makeover’ involves electroplating a precious metal over an existing precious metal, or quite often over non-precious metals such as stainless steel, brass or copper.

The majority of this work tends to be platinum over gold and silver over copper. Gold wedding rings and engagement rings, being the most popular for platinum plating, are given a completely new lease of life and look absolutely stunning.

Your jewellery can be electroplated in any of the precious metals we offer. We can even selectively electroplate your rings and earrings in a combination of finishes, for example, gold, rose gold and white gold for a tri-tone finish.

Palladium, being one of the six platinum group metals, is a very popular alternative to platinum due to its platinum-like appearance. Palladium is also not as expensive as platinum yet offers outstanding durability making it an excellent alternative.

The ring above was made from a meteorite and has been platinum plated.

The electroplating of rings and earrings that have gemstones or enamel inserts present no problem. Our plating bath temperatures and chemicals are safe on precious and non-precious stones as well as enamel. The beauty of your rings and earrings will be greatly enhanced and will give them a new lease of life as well as that ‘new jewellery’ look.

Our electroplating is very hard wearing and will last for many years if cared for properly. We specialise in hard to plate items and can work with you on the most suitable solution for your item should you have any concerns. If you would like a quotation or further advice please use our contact form.

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