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Pendants & Brooches

The gold and silver plating of pendants and brooches is a great way to rejuvenate that old piece found in the attic or cupboard under the stairs. This ‘jewellery makeover’ often involves electroplating a precious metal over existing precious or non-precious metals such as stainless steel, bronze, brass, copper or pewter. Non-precious metals, such as copper, nickel and chrome, can also be utilised in this way.

We can electroplate your pendants and brooches in any of the precious metals we offer. We can even selectively electroplate your jewellery in a combination of finishes, for example, yellow gold, rose gold and green gold for a beautiful triple-tone gold plated finish. The electroplating materials are entirely your choice and can be any combination from our precious and non-precious metal plating services.

Gold plating is a very popular choice for pendants and brooches. After all, a silver pendant or brooch adorned with stones looks beautiful and much more expensive with heavy gold plating. Platinum can offer an even more prestigious solution as well as palladium, palladium being one of the six platinum group metals. The appearance of palladium is very similar to that of platinum and it offers virtually the same outstanding durability and beauty but at a reduced cost.

Whether your pendants and brooches have gemstones or enamel inserts presents no problem for the electroplating process. Our electroplating bath temperatures and solutions are safe on precious and non-precious stones as well as enamel. Your jewellery will be beautifully enhanced giving it a new lease of life that will last for many years.

All our electroplating is hard wearing designed to give you many years of pleasure and enjoyment if cared for properly. We love to specialise in hard to plate items and should you have any concerns we are always willing to work with you on the most suitable solution for your beloved and treasured heirlooms. If you would like a quotation or further advice please use our contact form.

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