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Other Services

The range of services we offer is set out below:

  • Gold Plating 9-24k
  • White Gold
  • Rose Gold
  • Green Gold
  • Platinum
  • Silver
  • Nickel
  • Chrome
  • Selective plating
  • Cleaning & Polishing Only
  • Aluminium oxide blasting
  • XRF materials analysis with reports

We can also offer copper plating as a final finish, though we primarily use this as a base coat for nickel prior to chrome plating. Copper plated motorcycle and scooter parts look beautiful and once lacquered will remain beautiful!

We can provide selective plating where we plate a single item in different finishes. For example, the image above is in yellow gold and rose gold.

We add new services frequently so if there is something you would like that you cannot find on our website then please do contact us.

We will always do our best to provide the service that you require.

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