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imageApart from jewellery and wristwatches our daily work also involves the chrome plating and gold plating of bath taps, sink, shower and bathroom fittings. The majority of these are old and discontinued and near impossible to find in order to match the existing set. If you are lucky enough to locate a replacement you’ll find it’s often more cost effective to have the old ones re-plated.

We can electroplate your items in any of the precious and non-precious metals we offer including; 9-24 carat yellow gold plate, white gold, rose gold, green gold, platinum, rhodium, palladium, silver, white bronze, nickel, chrome and black chrome. Chrome plating is a very popular service we offer.

We can even selectively electroplate your items in a combination of finishes, for example, yellow gold, rose gold and green gold for a beautiful tri-tone gold plated finish. The electroplating materials are entirely your choice and can be any combination from our precious and non-precious metal plating services.

How long does it take to have my items plated? For most items it is a pretty straight forward process. However, you should allow about 7 Days from the time we receive them as our 48 hour turn around usually only applies to smaller items such as rings, bracelets and watch parts. Items such as bathroom fittings, car and motorcycle parts in need of extensive restoration and refinishing could take anywhere from 2-3 weeks.

Here is a very short list to give you some idea of the kind of items we can electroplate:

  • Musical instruments, parts and keys
  • Kitchen, bathroom and shower fittings
  • Lighting and switches
  • Trophies, medals and coins
  • Golf items
  • Watches, watch parts and jewellery
  • Zippo lighters and key rings
  • Car parts, accessories and tools
  • Motorcycle, scooter and bicycle parts
  • Household and cutlery
  • Audio connections and parts
  • Women’s bag buckles, chains and parts

This list is far from extensive as we can electroplate most items so please do ask.

All our electroplating is hard wearing designed to give you many years of pleasure and enjoyment if cared for properly. We love to specialize in hard to plate items and should you have any concerns we are always willing to work with you on the most suitable solution for you. If you would like a quotation or further advice please use our contact form.

“Our limit is your imagination.”

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